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Your deposit is one of the most important considerations when purchasing your first home. You may have been saving for years, or you may have no money put aside for your deposit. At Resolve Finance, we understand that everyone is different - and that is why we have access to a range of products, including some you won’t find anywhere else, that will suit your personal situation.

Low Deposit Home Loans

Most lenders require a minimum of 5% genuine savings as deposit to purchase your first home. However at Resolve Finance, we have access to a number of products which may allow you to get into your new home sooner using the FHOG or gifted funds.

My Home Plan

My Home Plan is a tailored savings program designed to help you get into your own home. It’s built around your real-world income and expenses, and usually involves only a few tweaks to your spending habits. With the guidance of you own personal Finance Coach, it’s about putting you back in control of your finances and your future so you can get where you want to go — even if you’ve been knocked back for finance in the past.

Guarantor Home Loan

Many young home buyers get their parents’ help in getting a home loan, but it doesn’t have to be in the form of cash. We have access to a number of products that allow you to use the equity your parents have in their current home as security against your new one. Not only can this significantly reduce the deposit required but also the amount of mortgage insurance you'll have to pay.

Parent Assist

Parent Assist is an Australian first, which allows your parents to help you come up with your deposit without putting their own home at risk. Mum and dad lend you your deposit in a formal arrangement at half the interest rate of your mortgage. So you save on mortgage insurance while still qualifying for the First Home Owner Grant and stamp duty concessions.


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