How To Baby Proof Your Home

Got the sound of pitter-patter feet around your house? Or maybe rather it’s the sound of bang, clunk, crash, cry.

Who isn’t populating these days? You know you’ve got baby pictures and ‘cute things my baby did’ cluttering your Facebook feed.

If you are reading this, it’s likely you are the culprit! Don’t worry –you’re proud of your buoyant offspring destined to invent skateboard hover boards, iPhones which will be called ‘i’, as connectivity is built into your retinas and virtual avatar ‘social’ media, which means you’ll never have to leave the house to be social again.

Yeah – you’ve got big hopes for them, but first let’s get past the snotty noses, dirty nappies and grazed knees. Let’s start by baby proofing your home.


Prevent those bumps & scratches – Falling over is a part of learning, but that doesn’t mean you can’t soften the blow. Apply non-slip pads to the bottom of rugs and add cushioning to the corners of coffee tables. If you have towering furniture in your home, fasten bookshelves and cupboards to the wall to delay any injuries.

Prevent access to inviting areas – It may get a bit inconvenient, but in the long run it will save mess and potential tears. Apply safety locks to the toilet pan, kitchen cupboards and drawers. Try the Dreambaby sliding locks or similar.

Remember safety first – When using any appliances or items in your home, think first before leaving them how you normally would. For example, curtain cords – make sure the cord is hung high to prevent any choking hazards; the same applies with appliance cords. On glass doors place bright stickers so that the child can clearly see it and won’t walk into it. Keep anything climbable away from windows, you don’t want an escapee.

Be cautious - The usual cooking safety tips apply but make sure handles on pans are facing inwards to prevent any hot liquids falling on a child. Be careful when passing hot drinks around children, it’s easy for a drop to fall from the cup but that drop could be a searing burn on a delicate skin.

Dispose & store smartly - What’s in your bin? Bottles, food scraps, tissues, old sponges. Be considerate of what you place in your bin, if it’s in a place where youngsters can investigate, make sure that nothing dangerous is disposed there. Take them straight out to the green bin. Keep in mind where you are storing your chemicals, washing detergent etc. Store them high and where possible purchase non-toxic cleaning products.


This is only the start to making your home baby proof, but in summary, think about every little detail, think before you act, think outside of yourself, think first about your offspring.


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