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BREAKING NEWS FOR HOME BUYERS! There’s a new way to get into a brand spanking new home, without making your parents risk their own home to get you into yours. Score!

It’s called Parent Assist, an exciting opportunity for first home buyers to ask everyone’s favourite financier, the bank of mum and dad, to assist them in securing a loan.

How does it work, you ask? It’s simple.

Parent Assist is an innovative home loan option delivered by Resolve Finance. The program offers parents the ability to lend their kids up to 20 per cent of the cost of a new home, without risking their own home or assets by going guarantor, as this is managed via a formally-structured loan.

Resolve Home loans also provides the additional home loan, making the process simple for all involved. Once it’s all secured, Parent Assist operates just like any other loan.

Having your folks fund up to 20 per cent of the cost of a home or house-and-land package means that they can effectively cover the cost of the deposit so you can get into your new home, quick smart.

The extra cash from mum and dad gives you a head start, which means you’re able to build your dream home - perhaps something that’s a little bigger, on in a better location than what was originally in your price range.

The best part? For first home buyers, eligible applicants can still receive the First Home Owner Grant, and all relevant stamp duty concessions, while potentially saving thousands in mortgage insurance. This saves you cash money, which can go directly into paying back your loan.

Homebuyers Centre, through Resolve Finance, is proudly offering home buyers access to the Parent Assist loan option nationally on all house and land packages.


For more info, click here: https://vic.homebuyers.com.au/parent-assist-0 


Sound too good to be true?

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