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You smile as you leave your stunning inner city apartment; you’re looking forward to picking up your daily triple-shot latte from your trendy local café on your way to the station for your short tram ride to work.
Sitting comfortably on the tram scrolling through Facebook you see yet another article telling you all about the Melbourne Real Estate Market boom.

“How am I ever going to get into the market?” you think as you sip your daily $5.50 latte (a habit you know is costing you $2000+ a year, but... coffee)
Your next thought is probably something along the lines of waiting until you can inherit some sort of property from mum, dad or other family member - that's how you'll get into the property market.

In 2017, it feels like The Great Australian Dream of home ownership is becoming more of a 'dream' than a reality, because you just can't see yourself giving up your inner-city lifestyle to move to the country for a small home you might be able to afford.

Enter - the new trend for savvy Millenials - #RENTVESTING.

Rentvesting entails purchasing a property as an investment rather than a primary place to live. Rentvestors typically rent a home in a location where they prefer to live and work, then purchase a property that meets their budget in a high growth location.

Essentially, rentvesting allows you to live your “on trend” lifestyle in your favorite suburb while also having an investment portfolio to fulfill your future financial goals.

It’s important to get the fundamentals of rentvesting correct to ensure you maximize your investment property’s potential.
First time?
Don't worry, you aren't alone - at Homebuyers Centre, we specialise in helping people just like you purchase their first home which suits their lifestyle.  
New Homes Consultants are can help explain your finance and legal options, understand the steps to building your first property - and this includes helping you find the perfect rentvestment property! has identified the Northern Region specifically Epping/Wollert & the City of Casey in the South East Region including the suburbs of Cranbourne & Clyde as some of Melbourne’s top suburbs which offer the best property price growth potential.

This is backed up by figures which show the median house price in Clyde increase by 16.5% in just the last 12months!
Outperforming traditional blue chip suburbs of Collingwood 6%, Brighton 8.3% Albert Park 4.4%.

Our top #rentvestment house & land package picks:
  • Northern Region - Epping/Wollert (Lot 104 Piccadilly Drive, WOLLERT VIC 3750)


  • South East Region - Cranbourne/Clyde (Taking expressions of interest for our next release of Alto townhouses at Tulliallan Estate)

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Please note that the above Fixed Package is available until sold out. Pricing current at time of publishing 11/04/2017.