If you need proof that Homebuyers Centre staff members really believe in their product, look no further than Dan. He is not only one of our New Home Consultants, he is also the proud owner of a Eureka 22 home design in Officer.

Dan followed the same easy three steps he gives all of his Homebuyers Centre clients when buying a first home:

1. He spoke to a New Homes Consultant to determine his budget;
2. He chose the location, in his case Officer as he knew the area;
3. He chose the design he wanted, the double storey Eureka 22.

“I already knew about the great value and great quality of Homebuyers Centre,” says Dan, “Plus it was great to relax and be on the receiving end of great customer service throughout the entire process.”

Dan grew up in Melbourne’s south east, which is why he chose Officer as the location for his first home. He is still close to family and friends, plus he knows what a vibrant place it is for first home buyers. “It really does have everything I need,” he adds.

With first-hand experience, Dan loves helping other people find the best value homes coupled with excellent customer service.