I don’t wanna feel overwhelmed with the whole “buying a new home” thing.
Not to worry. Resolve Finance offers complete financial solutions for your entire home ownership journey.

Um, you said complete financial solution. I don’t completely understand.
It’s actually quite simple. They look at your personal situation and:
✓ Find the right loan for you from a range of lenders.
✓ Help you secure any grants or rebates that you’re entitled to.
✓ Liaise with your lender, builder or agent.
✓ Manage your settlement.
✓ Take care of paperwork, legal stuff and lodge your forms.
✓ Give you support and guidance during your home ownership journey.

So, who does the financy stuff?
Resolve Finance does. They’re our in-house specialists and they’re backed by the same group as we are (ABN).

Alright, I’m starting to understand, but why is Resolve Finance a good choice?
Other than the awards stacked up on their shelves, they also deal with a lot of construction loans (27,000 since they established in ’97). We trust them, and you trust us, so trust us when we say, they have your best interests at heart.

I guess I better ask, how do you ensure it’s a smooth process?
Nice question. So, the Resolve Finance brokers actually work in the same office as us, and they work alongside your New Home Consultant. It doesn’t get smoother than that.