Kuhan & Natasha

Natasha and Kuhan spent a long time looking for the right builder to help them get into their first home. After a lot of research, they chose Homebuyers Centre.

“What we really wanted was to be able to build a home that was right for us – and not just a standard design based on want someone else had wanted,” says Natasha.

The couple met with their New Homes Consultant several times, often after work over a coffee, to discuss the various options available and to create their perfect first home.

“We spent a lot of time discussing the kitchen because cooking is such a big part of our lives,” says Kuhan, “We spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking meals for friends and family. Natasha is the head chef – I mostly supervise.”

As well as her new gourmet kitchen, Natasha loves her bathroom with a big bath. “It’s those extra glamorous touches that I love every day. I’m glad we spent time on the details with our consultant,” she says.

After three months in their new home, both Natasha and Kuhan agree that coming home is still exciting. “We love it!”