Nick & Sambal

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Twenty-two year old Nick enjoys all things most young people do - music, travel, sport and most of all, hanging out with his friends. So it made sense that he would want to build in an up-and-coming area close to shops, public transport and his family.

For Nick it was about finding a way to combine his location with his very active lifestyle.

The flexibility of price and design options, as well as the support from the Resolve Finance team was what drew Nick to build. 

According to Nick, the entire process was "a great learning experience and the opportunity to spend my money wisely."

But it was the construction period and "seeing my house go from one stage to another" which was Nick's favourite part. "Colour selection was also a new thing for me and it was great to delve into something I wouldn't usually do."

Now that Nick has achieved the dream of building his own first home, he feels he has developed as a person and says to anyone else wanting to do the same to "Go for it!"

Nick's home building tips:

  • Going through Resolve Finance makes it a safe investment.
  • Be prepared to push your boundaries - it's a rewarding experience.
  • Being young or single isn't a barrier to building your own home.