Build with someone who cares about you and the environment.

Building homes that are livable and sustainable is a pretty big deal to us. That’s why all our homes meet the six-star energy rating criteria. Our energy and water saving features, feature lower electricity bills and gashouse emissions. (See what we did there?). That meant we had to be pretty selective about who we partnered with, because they needed to reflect our sustainable priorities. Check out some of their initiatives:

Recycled materials   
Recycling is the new in thing. That’s why approx. 50 per cent of the material used in our aluminium windows is from recycled resources.
Minimal waste
We don’t like litter bugs. So we minimise waste and we recycle during our whole build process, so we are as sustainable as your home is.
Renewable energy
You gotta practice what you preach. Our head office and all our display homes use 25 per cent GreenPower Accredited Renewable Energy. And, we offset our extra CO² emissions by planting trees under the Carbon Neutral program. Yes!
Sustainable timber
We try our best to do right by the environment at every step. Part of that is ensuring we use sustainably harvested plantation timber. It means we leave a smaller carbon footprint.
Building materials
Tick. Our Caesarstone and Laminex products are made from high quality, environmentally friendly materials.
Double glazed windows
It’s the small things that can make a big difference, like installing double glazed windows so your heating and cooling costs are cheaper. Pretty nifty, right?