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Why Choose Resolve Finance?

First up, it makes the whole process easier for you. Did you know they work in the same office as us, alongside your New Homes Consultant?

I don’t mean to sound daft, but what does a broker do?

Brokers help you find the right home loan for you; they talk to the banks and negotiate the best rate for you. And best of all, you don’t pay a cent.

I like what I’m hearing, but how do you find a loan tailored to my needs?

It all starts with a conversation. Resolve brokers do everything they can to understand your needs. And we’re not just talking about your financial situation, but also the way you live. That way, your loan’s features and benefits will perfectly suit you.

How many banks does Resolve speak to?

They speak to over 28 lenders, including the four big banks. And, they compare hundreds of loans to find the best fit for you. Imagine doing that yourself. We certainly couldn’t. Oh, and this way, you’re less likely to have any issues with your loan during the whole shebang.

Right, so I don’t have to worry about the complicated stuff?

Yep, leave that to Resolve. They’ll sort the mountains of paperwork, deal with your lender and other parties, plus determine if you’re eligible for the First Home Owners Grant. They’ll basically make sure that the finance side of things are as simple for you as possible. And, we like simple.

I just focus on turning my dream home into a reality?

You got it. You just focus on the fun parts, like choosing colour schemes, fixtures, fittings and furniture. Enjoy it!

Pearl of wisdom: With Resolve Finance, your relationship doesn’t have to end when your home loan settles. They’ll help you with all your financial needs from investing to retirement—they can be there every step of the way.


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