Getting into your own home sooner with My Home Plan. Own It.


Even if you’ve been knocked back for finance previously, with our specialised program, we can help!

My Home Plan - What is it?

My Home Plan is a specialised savings program that will help you get into your own home sooner. It’s tailored to your real-world income and expenses, and usually involves just a few tweaks to your spending habits. By making a few small changes you’ll be a home owner before you know it.

It's about putting you in control of your finances and your future so you can get where you want to go - even if you've been unlucky in the past.

Benefits of My Home Plan

Budget - Get a tailer-made budget that focuses on overcoming your financial hurdles, without making big sacrifices to your lifestyle.

Time - Get into a home sooner with a manageable timeframe between now and finance approval.

Finance Coach - Your coach will actively assist you on your journey with guidance and encouragement.

Application strength - Your strong financial position will provide the best chance of approval once My Home Plan goals are achieved.

Home - Get great access to the best locations and designs with your new borrowing capacity.

Managing your money becomes easy - The My Home Plan journey conditions you to comfortably manage your money with confidence.

How it works

1. Your finance coach will conduct a full analysis if your current financial situation and consider your goals.

2. You will be presented with your personal finance plan.

3. You can update and track your progress through our secure website and will be rewarded for reaching your goals along the way.

4. Follow the plan and you'll be a home owner before you know it.


You will be rewarded along the way for reaching certain savings milestones.

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My Home Plan is operated by Bluebay Home Loans Pty Ltd. ABN 62 127 824 524. Australian Credit License No. 389250. All finance services and Finance Coach provided by Resolve Finance. Australia Credit License No. 385487. Terms and conditions apply. All reward items by Homebuyers Centre are subject to completion by My Home Plan and final purchase of house and land package. Rewards are valid for twelve months. My Home Plan application fee of $499 is non-refundable.