Who are we?

We are Homebuyers Centre. And we are part of the ABN Group. They are Australia's leading home building group and have helped over 30,000 families get into their dream home for over 25 years. So in short, we’ve got the big players backing us, which means you get all the good stuff at very affordable prices. We love buying power. A lot.

We are owned by partners Aidan Hooper and Dale Alcock. And, your head coach Aidan Hooper (Managing Director) oversees our day-to-day business operations in Vic. He’s been with us a whopping 25 years. So he 100% gets the importance of good communications and strong relationships.

He also said this very poignant thing: "Our ultimate measurement is client satisfaction with our product. This often comes down to how regularly and well we communicate with them and suppliers alike, building quality relationships wherever possible."